wild fire dangerously close to homes

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Carol Mayer was trapped in a house fire where she was burned so badly her family could barely recognize her. Doctors didn't think she would survive the night, but 10 years later Carol is thriving and embracing life, reports The Cairns Post.

Mayer survived over 100 procedures since that fire changed her life. She battled several infections, underwent numerous skin grafts and struggled through the pain but refused to give up.

She is now being honored with a nomination for the Pride of Australia Courage Medal, which is given to a person who has overcome extreme adversity and demonstrated courage and determination.

Mayer has worked extremely hard since the fire and accepted that her life is never going to be the same again.

"I still get upset, but I think now I've fully accepted it. It's been years since I've accepted it now and picked myself up and moved on and done really good things," she told the news source.

Surviving a traumatic event like a house fire changes the life of individuals forever. Burn victims may feel helpless while undergoing numerous procedures to help ease their pain and help them adjust to their new life.

The United States Burn Support Organization provides assistance to those who have suffered burns ranging from minor to severe.

The organization offers support groups for individuals and their families to help deal with the trauma experienced from the burn. They also host a summer camp for children who are burn victims, so they are able to meet other children and have fun in a safe place where they are not judged.

They also offer tips on fire prevention and treatment for burns. Money that is donated to the organizaiton goes towards the support they offer to burn victims.
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