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Veterans Day: Survivors Who Have Served
    These Three Survivors Served and The Survivors Club Celebrates Their Service on Veterans Day

Addiction Survivor Lisa Acor Laurel Publishes Book on Her Journey of Healing "Love in the Gardens of Macantar"
    A memoir of overcoming the various dependencies that plagued author Lisa Acor Laurel's life

Four Amazing Survivors of 9-11 Terrorist Attacks
    These Four Amazing 9-11 Survivors Remember the National Tragedy 10 Years Later

Who Gets Breast Cancer and Who Survives? Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7
    We're starting to know the answers to who gets breast cancer and who survives -- and some of them may shock you. Read on to find out if you're at risk.

Why Being Less Protective Is Better for Your Kids Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Call off the rescue! You can't protect your kid from every hard knock life hands out -- and here's why you shouldn't.

Why Moms Can't Sleep Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    More and more moms are saying they aren't getting anywhere near enough ZZZs -- and it's wrecking their health, their careers, even their marriages. Find out what women can do to get some much-needed shut-eye

Are Women Really Worth Less Than Men? Pages: 2 3
    Although the Equal Pay Act of 1963 granted women the right to receive the same wages as men, American women still aren't getting the money they've rightfully earned.

The Survivors Club Essay Contest Draws to a Close
    The Survivors Club Essay contest officially ends on Friday August 19. Submit your Survivor Story to the contest.

Bladder Cancer Survivor Thomas Sawyer Files Official Complaint with TSA
    Thomas Sawyer, Bladder Cancer Survivor, Continues to Experience Trouble with TSA Security Pat-Downs and Filed an Official Complaint in July

Michael Douglas Caught Smoking after Surviving Throat Cancer
    Michael Douglas Sneaks Post-Throat Cancer Puff and Gets Caught by Paparazzi

Does My Kid Have ADHD? Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Children should be high-energy. But when does typical kid behavior cross the line into ADHD territory? Find the answers to your questions here.

Submit Your Survivor Story for The Survivors Club Essay Contest
    The Survivors Club Summer Essay Contest: What's Your Story?

Osama Bin Laden's Death Cathartic for 9-11 Survivors
    Bin Laden's Death Provides Closure for Families of Those Lost in the Attacks on September 11th

Two-Time Cancer Survivor Clarence Hartley Completes Boston Marathon
    Clarence Hartley, an 81-year-old veteran of two wars, has completed the Boston Marathon after beating two different forms of cancer, reports Newser.

Infant Ayden Robinson Survives Being Pulled from Cousin's Hands During Tornado
    Despite being snatched from a cousin's arms during a tornado, 3-month-old Ayden Robinson survived without a scratch, reports WRAL.

Infant Ayden Robinson Survives Being Pulled from Cousin's Hands During Tornado
    Despite being snatched from a cousin's arms during a tornado, 3-month-old Ayden Robinson survived without a scratch, reports WRAL.

Race Benefits Charity Founded by Serial Killer Survivor Holly Dunn-Pendleton
    A sorority at the University of Kentucky recently staged a five-kilometer race to benefit a charity founded by Holly Dunn-Pendleton, a sorority member who is the only person to have survived being attacked by a serial murderer known as the "Railroad

Haitian Native Rony Aristil Survives Bone Cancer and Loss of Parents
    Rony Aristil, a high school sophomore living in St. Paul, Minnesota, will receive the "Against All Odds Award" next month in recognition of his struggle against bone cancer and the loss of both of his parents, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Stroke Survivor Patricia McLaren Earns Master's Degree
    Patricia McLaren, a 24-year-old from Somerset West, South Africa, has earned her master's degree just months after a stroke left her facing an uncertain future, reports the Cape Argus.

Car Crash Survivor Aubrey Farnsworth Shares Special Bond with Firefighter
    Aubrey Farnsworth, a 20-year-old from Mesa, Arizona, shares a special connection with the firefighter who saved her life after a car accident 15 years ago, reports KNXV.

Al Fields Survives Heart Attack in the Middle of La Jolla Half Marathon
    After suffering a heart attack during mile 12 of a 13.1-mile half marathon held last year in La Jolla, California, avid runner Al Fields has begun running again in hopes of entering next year's edition of the race, reports KGTV.

Sex Trafficking Survivor Jeannetta Taylor Helps Abused Children
    Jeannetta Taylor, a 40-year-old from the Green Country region of Oklahoma, works with abused children after a troubled upbringing left her trapped in the world of sex trafficking, reports KOTV.

Vivienne Bell Survives Meningitis Thanks to Know-How From Previous Illness
    Vivienne Bell, a grandmother from Washington, England, was able to survive a bout with meningococcal meningitis after a previous case of the disease alerted her to its symptoms, reports Chronicle Live.

Karen Perkins Finds Support in 'Second Family' of Breast Cancer Survivors
    When faced with a struggle against breast cancer, Carthage, Missouri resident Karen Perkins found solace in what she calls her "second family" of survivors, reports the Carthage Press.

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor Gina Tabascio Raises Money for a Cure
    Gina Tabascio, a 17-year-old survivor of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, has worked to raise money to help other kids battling against cancer, reports Oak Lawn Patch.

Drunk Driving Victim Kaitlyn Wade to Be Honored at 2011 Cinderella Charity Ball
    Kaitlyn Wade, a 16-year-old girl who was nearly killed during a run-in with a drunk driver, has been nominated for the Miss Cinderella title at a fundraiser staged by the Boys and Girls Club of Arlington, reports WFAA.

Sudden Cardiac Death Inspires Susan Chlebeck to Change Lifestyle
    Susan Chlebeck, a resident of LaPorte, Indiana, has worked to change her lifestyle after she survived a case of sudden cardiac death last year, reports WIBC.

Cervical Cancer Survivor Deborah Grose to Become Oncology Care Pharmacist
    Deborah Grose, a 31-year-old survivor of cervical cancer, plans to help other cancer patients after she earns her doctorate in pharmacy, reports the Charleston Daily Mail.

Danny Ferrari Survives Being Trapped Under Snow for 45 Minutes After Avalanche
    Snowboarder Danny Ferrari recently used his outdoors know-how to survive an avalanche that left him trapped under the surface of the snow for roughly 45 minutes, reports Summit Daily.

Charles Bianculli Makes Miraculous Recovery After Plane Crash
    Six months after he survived a crash in a four-passenger plane, 61-year-old Charles Bianculli has thanked the doctors who helped him make what they call a miraculous recovery, reports the Stony Brook Statesman.

Ashlyn Maas Makes Full Recovery After Sledding Accident Leaves Branch Embedded in Her Brain
    Six-year-old Ashlyn Maas has made a full recovery after a potentially devastating sledding accident left her with a tree branch lodged through her eye socket into her brain, reports AOL News.

Kidney Cancer Survivor Jenee Boudreaux Wins Scholarship, Hopes to Become Nurse
    Jenee Boudreaux, a graduating high school senior from Houma, Louisiana, recently won a scholarship that she hopes will provide her with an education in how to help fellow victims of cancer, reports Houma Today.

Polio Survivor Ann Lee Hussey Distributes Vaccine, Inspires Fellow Polio Victims
    Half a century after she survived a case of polio, Ann Lee Hussey works with Rotary International to help support other victims of the disease in developing countries, reports the Morning Sentinel.

Brittany Stoltz Works with Mom to Raise Awareness of Crohn's Disease
    After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year, 27-year-old Alabama resident Brittany Stoltz is working together with her mom to raise awareness of the digestive system condition, according to the Shelby County Reporter.

Stroke Survivor Drew Fisher Writes Book, Speaks Before Congress
    Drew Fisher, a resident of Newburgh, Indiana, has written a book about his journey after he survived a devastating stroke in 2009, reports WTVW.

Alyson Adam to Raise Money for Myasthenia Gravis Organization
    Alyson Adam, a 28-year-old from Walkey, England, is participating in a half-marathon to benefit the organization that provided her with information to help her overcome a chronic neuromuscular disease, reports the Star.

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Carol Poulton Urges Awareness
    After surviving a case of ovarian cancer, 60-year-old Carol Poulton is urging other women to stay vigilant and get checked for signs of the disease, reports the Surrey Advertiser.

Suicide Bombing Survivor Andy J. Ross Writes Song to Help Fellow Terror Victims
    Andy J. Ross, a musician who survived a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv in 2003, has written a song to help raise money to support victims of other terrorist actions, reports

Top Golfer Lee Westwood Survives Scare on Private Jet
    Lee Westwood, the world's second-ranked golfer, survived a terrifying ordeal when his private plane had to make an emergency landing on its way to a golf tournament this past weekend, reports CNN.

Heart Transplant Recipient Lauren Shields Testifies Before New York Legislature
    After she survived a bout with degenerative heart disease, 10-year-old heart transplant recipient Lauren Shields is helping to pass legislation that would help increase the number of organ donors in her home state of New York, reports the Albany Time

Former Sex Slave Natasha Herzig Speaks Out About Human Trafficking
    Natasha Herzig is working to raise awareness of human trafficking ten years after she was abducted and forced to work as a sex slave, reports the Medford Mail Tribune.

Angelo Salas Survives Having Seven-Pound Rock Dropped Through Windshield
    Angelo Salas, a 27-year-old from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, recently survived having a seven-pound rock dropped through his windshield while he was driving on the highway, reports the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

Toddler Tyler Jacobson Survives Night Lost in Woods Thanks to Family Dog
    Elgin, South Carolina toddler Tyler Jacobson survived a night lost in a densely wooded area thanks to warmth provided by his family's dog, reports Fox News.

Octogenarian Geisha Tsuyako Ito Survives Tsunami Thanks to Traditional Song
    Tsuyako Ito, an 84-year-old geisha from the town of Kamaishi, Japan, survived the recent tsunami thanks to a neighbor intent on preserving a traditional local song, reports the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Brain Cancer Survivor Alexx Kipp Meets Ringo Starr
    Alexx Kipp, a 17-year-old brain cancer survivor and drumming enthusiast, recently met his idol, iconic Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Mass Shooting Survivor Shirley DeLucia Advocates for Ban on Large-Capacity Gun Magazines
    Shirley DeLucia, a receptionist who survived a mass shooting at her office two years ago, is now advocating for the renewal of a federal ban on large-capacity gun magazines, reports The Associated Press.

Leukemia Survivor James Chippendale Produces Documentary About Bone Marrow Donation
    After a bone marrow donation from a stranger helped him overcome a bout with leukemia, James Chippendale produced a documentary to raise awareness of the condition, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Ashley Judd Reveals History of Sexual Abuse in New Book
    In her new book "All That Is Bitter and Sweet," Hollywood star Ashley Judd revealed that she suffered from sexual abuse at several points throughout her childhood and early career, reports the Daily Mail.

Birth Defect Survivor Sue Kent Operates Sports Massage Clinic With Her Feet
    Despite being born without fully-developed arms, Sue Kent has used her feet to find success as a sports masseuse, reports the Daily Mail.

Multiple Myeloma Survivor Kathy Giusti Fulfills Promise to Daughter
    Driven by a desire to live long enough for her daughter to remember her, Kathy Giusti defied the odds by surviving a case of multiple myeloma, reports CBS News.

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