Gun crimes
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Yvette Rodier was 18 years old when she was shot, and her friend Zach Snarr was killed by a gunman who wanted to know what it was like to watch someone die, Fox 13 reports.

Rodier was on a date with Snarr when they encountered a man, Jorge Benvenuto, and he pulled a gun on them without warning and shot. Snarr died instantly while Rodier pretended to be dead while Benvenuto continued to shoot at her. She recalled being able to feel his breath on her as he went through her pockets.

It has been 14 years since that horrifying attack, and Rodier has been working as an advocate for victims of crime. She became an attorney and has been working for a nonprofit legal clinic that specializes in victims' rights.

"They're the ones who live with the crime, the consequences of what the offender did for the rest of their lives," she told the news source. "Whether it gets better or worse, they're living it and their voice should be heard."

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were over 300,000 nonfatal firearm victims in the United States in 2008.

The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime reports that one violent crime occurs every six seconds in the United States and one murder occurs every 32 seconds.

The organization works on behalf of victims of crime and violence to create safer communities. They provide support services and crisis intervention, as well as counseling and educational programs. All of the services they provide are free and confidential, so survivors and victims never have to worry about feeling unsafe by speaking out. 
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