Sea Lion Survives Being Shot in the Head with a Shotgun
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A sea lion in Sausalito, California, is being treated at the Marine Mammal Center after surviving a shotgun blast to the head, reports KTVU.

Nobody knows why the sea lion was shot or who was responsible, but the 340-pound male suffered serious injuries, with one eye swollen shut and the other missing. At least five pellets remain lodged in the animal's head.

Workers at the Marine Mammal Center dubbed the shooting victim "Silent Knight" in honor of the upcoming Christmas holiday and what they called his "regal bearing."

"He's finally resting. Finally sleeping and relaxing," veterinarian Dr. Bill Van Bonn told the news source. "Some people do view these animals as nuisances... There must be a better solution than to wound an animal like this and cause this amount of suffering."

The extent of Silent Knight's injuries is not yet clear, and his veterinarians plan on seeing how he heals before they attempt to remove the remaining shotgun pellets. The doctors are also unsure of whether or not he will be able to be released back into the wild.

"There are plenty of blind sea lions out there," Van Bonn said to the media outlet. "They do exist. For a variety of reasons, being blind in itself is not a life-threatening situation."

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