Christy Wade Receives Kidney Donations from Both of Her Parents
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Dallas, Texas resident Christy Wade has suffered for years from a chronic kidney disorder, but she has survived thanks to two separate kidney donations from members of her family, reports KVUE.

Wade received her first kidney transplant ten years ago after a donation from her father, Billy Lee. That kidney, however, began to fail last year. Before long, 18 different family members had lined up to offer Wade a kidney of their own.

Wade ultimately received her second kidney donation from her mother, Miriam Lee. She has now recovered fully from the transplant operation and can head home.

"First I was able to give her life, and now I've been able to give her life for the second time, and that means so much to me," Miriam told the source. "Everything that you own, that's not important. It's the love you have for your family and friends."

"I'm so blessed," Wade added. "It's the hardest for me, because it's just so amazing that I have such a wonderful family - an extended family."

Now that Wade has received kidneys from both her parents, she and her family have urged every eligible person to become an organ donor.

Approximately 16,000 kidney transplants are carried out in the United States each year. Prospective transplant recipients or donors and their families may contact the United Network for Organ Sharing to get information, resources and support or to contribute to the cause of organ donation.
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