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December 2, 2011

Although the country as a whole might be suffering from economic recession, astronomical debt and a high unemployment rate, as long as individual job seekers take personal responsibility for their job search, they can remain optimistic and find the hidden gems of opportunity.

Besides having a positive attitude and a hard-working approach, job seekers can keep the following three ideas from SF Gate in mind to keep their spirits even higher.

Interpretations of Statistical Economic Data May Not Report the Whole Truth

Statistics is an objective method of reporting data, but the interpretation can manipulate the meaning behind the numbers.

Although unemployment rates are still very high, they have dropped considerably since the 10.1 percent peak in October 2009. Now the rate of unemployment has leveled out around 9 percent since April 2011, reports SF Gate.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the amount of U.S. job openings rose to 3.4 million in September. Increased job openings and decreasing unemployment can be cause for cautious optimism for U.S. job seekers.

The Recession Gives and Takes

Technological innovations have shown few indications of slowing, despite the country's current economic recession. Now companies can hire freelancers and contractors to work remotely which saves companies money and creates work for jobless professionals.

Companies can use outsourcing to hire specialists to complete technical tasks, and pay them on the project basis. This form of in-country outsourcing allows companies to be flexible and not commit to employee salaries and benefits if the economy slows. For job seekers with technical and specialized skills, this trend towards in-country outsourcing creates many opportunities for professionals caught between steady work.

Recession Does Not Mean Death to Prosperity

Although the country-wide economy has slowed, being in a recession is not a blanket death sentence to current U.S. businesses. On the other hand, the recession can emphasize the performance of one sector leading to either its consolidation of business growth or an accelerated decline, reports SF Gate.

This trend can be seen in the increasingly successful wind power and e-commerce sectors which have seen no negative impact from the recessive economy but have continued to grow as consumer's begin to value sustainability more.

Job Seekers Make Room for Optimism

Even in the midst of a recession, job seekers can find solace in the powerful give and take of the economy. Although, some industries are thriving while others are declining, job seekers can still develop opportunities with their determined attitude and perseverance even in today's tough economic climate.
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