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It's never easy to admit that you have lost control of your finances, but it is important to seek help in trying to repair your situation. Trying to handle your finances on your own can be overwhelming, and digging yourself out of debt can be especially daunting. Here are some guides to help you find support for dealing with your bad credit:
  • helps you determine whether you're in so deep that debt consolidation could help you rebuild your credit by paying off your debt faster. Guide to Consolidating Your Debt
  • Keep tabs on how your efforts are repairing your credit by ordering your credit report for free from the three credit agencies every year. Annual Credit Report
  • If you've tried to reduce your debt and still can't, offers this guide for determining whether you need expert assistance Seeking Debt Help
  • This nonprofit organization has 900 agencies nationwide that offer budget counseling, debt management plans and financial literacy courses. National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Some books that have helped others cope with their bad credit include:
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