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Your Prostate Cancer

Once you've been diagnosed, it's important to understand the stage of your case of prostate cancer and begin to explore what treatment options are available: For more information on how to assess your PSA report once you get it, visit this link:
Understanding Your PSA

If you get a pathology report, take time read it over with your doctor:

Prostate Lab: Understanding a Pathology Report

Your World

It may be difficult to deal with the emotional impact of your diagnosis and also begin to make decisions about treatment. It’s important to reach out to those around you to find the support you need. These sources offer help:

Prostate Cancer Myths

Information and Recommended Links for Survivors:

National Cancer Institute: Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Overview

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Prostate Cancer

Dealing with prostate cancer may take a lot out of you -- emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Give yourself permission to feel that full range of emotion and lean on others when you need to. There is no one way to feel about having cancer, nor is there only one way to experience it. This is your experience and your journey. Some people find writing down their feelings or keeping a journal to be helpful. Others find joining a support group (online or in-person) to be helpful.

Insurance Work Matters

Health Insurance and Prostate Cancer

Most treatments for prostate cancer are well-accepted and covered by insurance:
ACS: Health Insurance and Financial Assistance for the Cancer Patient

Work and Prostate Cancer

In most cases, even while being treated for prostate cancer, you can continue your normal daily routine, including work. Here's a helpful guide to your rights on the job

Working it Out: Your Employment Rights as a Cancer Survivor

Health-care Providers Who Can Help

For a list of types of physicians and what they can do for you, follow this link:

Prostate Cancer Doctors

Resources to Find Doctors

American Urological Association: Find a Urologist
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