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Most all treatments for alcoholism include meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which is described as a "worldwide fellowship of men and women who help each other to stay sober."

While AA is generally recognized as an effective mutual help program for recovering alcoholics, it does not work for everyone, so other treatments should also be employed. Even those who are helped by AA usually find that AA works best in combination with other elements of treatment, including counseling and medical care.

Because the involvement of family members is important to the recovery process, many programs also offer brief marital counseling and family therapy as part of the treatment process. Some programs also link up individuals with vital community resources, such as legal assistance, job training, child care, and parenting classes.

Here are some resources to help you find treatment:

There may be side effects when a person goes through treatment for alcohol. When the body goes through the detox process, it craves alcohol. This can cause a range of withdrawal symptoms. To help you manage, you may be put on a drug like Naltrexone, which has been shown to help reduce the frequency and amount of drinking and make a relapse less likely.
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