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Chronic back pain is a nuisance and an inconvenience, plain and simple. Ongoing back pain can prevent you from doing simple, daily activities and can greatly interfere with your quality of life. The pain suffered can keep you wondering if the quality of your life will ever improve; if you will ever be pain-free and able to do normal things; if there are ways and treatments that will allow you to feel good more times than you don’t. Like the millions of other people who deal with chronic back pain, your questions are understandable and deserve answers.

There are so many treatment options available now that there is no reason why you should continue to suffer in pain and discomfort. Preferences and choices of treatment vary from person-to-person, so deciding on what you want as opposed to if you can get it will really be your only decision. There is hope for the chronic back pain sufferer.

Chronic back pain is long-lasting, frequently occurring and has usually been present for at least three months or longer. The discomfort tends to return and will often become worse over time. Many times, the recurrences are difficult predict. This is what makes the condition so unpleasant and hard on one’s daily life activities.

One of the main culprits of back pain is the muscle(s) that run through the hamstrings and through the back muscles, which become tightened. When this happens, the pain in the back is excruciating and unbearable. However, here are a couple of exercises that will allow you to open up those muscles, help to relax and ease them and help the pain to subside.

Placing your feet up against a wall, lay on your back with a rolled towel under your shoulders. Place another rolled towel under your head and move your bottom as close to the wall as you can comfortably get. This will align your body to the wall and send your feet straight up and sideways against the wall. Leave very little room between your body and the wall for maximum results. Hold this position for about ten minutes and perform it nightly before bed. It helps greatly to open up those muscles and at the same time, relax the mind and the body for rest.

Another exercise that will help is called the Child’s Pose. This body position is great for decompressing the spine and expanding the vertebrae. You can stay in this position for long periods of time and experience great results. While sitting on the floor with your legs folded underneath you, rest your bottom on your ankles. Place a towel underneath your forehead, lean forward and rest your head comfortably on the floor beneath you. Next, you will slide backwards onto your ankles and fold forwards onto the mat. Place your arms down with the hands facing up beside the body. Close your eyes, relax and allow your back muscles to slowly open up and stretch.

Back pain doesn’t have to be a part of your life and certainly doesn’t have to last forever. Be diligent and consistent in finding what works for you and follow it religiously. You can once again have a daily routine that helps you feel better both physically and mentally.

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