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We’re all depressed from time to time.  Life can be very stressful and it seems that no matter how hard we work at it things don’t always go the way they should.  Unfortunately that’s just the way life is and if that gets you feeling a bit blue at times there’s no reason to panic. A little depression now and again is normal – even healthy.  What isn’t healthy is when depression comes to rule your life, when every waking minute can seem like an endless eternity and just opening your eyes in the morning seems like more effort than it’s worth.  When thoughts of harming yourself begins to invade your consciousness then perhaps it’s time to seek professional help.

Depression Starts With:

Some of the signs of clinical depression include:
  • Sleeping too much or barely sleeping at all.
  • An inability to concentrate; simple tasks suddenly seem daunting.
  • Food has lost its appeal – or you just can’t stop eating.
  • Life seems hopeless and meaningless.
  • You’re short-tempered and irritable almost all the time.
  • Your negative thoughts won’t go away – no matter what.
  • Feeling that life just isn’t worth living any longer.
Each of these signs can be a warning signal that its time for you to seek professional help, but if you find your thoughts turning to ending your life then your depression has reached a crisis point and you need to seek immediate help.

Some Causes of Depression

Traumatic changes are often the trigger for depression.  The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, moving to a new city, financial strains, marital problems and loneliness are just some of the possible triggers of depression.  When an individual has laid out plans for his or her life and then those plans are suddenly changed, especially when the individual feels out of control when it comes to the new and unexpected direction his or her life is taking, depression often sets in.

Signs of Depression in Men

Men are taught from an early age not to show their emotions.  Men are supposed to keep it all inside and show only strength.  Unfortunately, when depression takes hold in a man these very characteristics can make its diagnosis and treatment more difficult.  Rather than discuss feelings and emotions, men who are depressed are more likely to talk about fatigue, loss of interest in work and sex, being angry, their inability to sleep and the fact that nothing seems to hold their interest any longer.  Bottling up their core emotions makes men twice as prone to suicide as women, even though men suffer depression only half as often as their female counterparts. One of the first steps in curing depression in men is to get a man to open up and discuss his feelings and emotions.

Signs of Depression in Women

A woman is twice as likely to suffer from clinical depression as a man, but because women are taught that it is acceptable for them to vent their emotions, women are much better at dealing with the core reasons for their depression.  On the other hand, women suffer a great deal more depression based on hormonal triggers than do men.  Postpartum depression, PMS and other hormonal imbalances affect women in far greater numbers than they do men.

Seek Help Immediately

If you feel that depression is getting the better of you, if life has lost its meaning , seek professional help.  If you are not sure where to turn, start with your doctor or your spiritual adviser – but in any event ask for help.

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