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December 2, 2010

The night before Mother's Day in May, Kim Shackleton was at a rugby game in Australia when she collapsed from cardiac arrest but thanks to CPR trained citizens she survived.

The 40-year-old mother of two was quickly assisted by civilians who had CPR training and were standing near her when she collapsed. In addition paramedics were already on sight treating an injured player.

"The first aid officer for senior league, Col Burton, was there also Darren Russell and, I think, Peter Barry also helped and obviously also the paramedics that were there to help the injured player," Ms Shackleton said with gratitude to ABC.

The paramedic, Mick Callinan attributes the actions of the bystanders for assisting the paramedic crew to successfully treat the heart attack survivor.

"Bystanders were very quick to identify that Kim had had a cardiac arrest and commenced CPR," Callinan said.

"Our time to get to Kim was about two minutes, so that early lifesaving CPR and the early defibrillation delivered by us was definitely the key factor in Kim's survival."

The survivor, Ms. Shackleton is now an outspoken advocate for widespread CPR training.

"You do not know where or when it can happen to anybody that is near you, so it is most important that everybody learns a lot about CPR." Ms Shackleton said.
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