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Vaccinations used to be routine. But with recent allegations and questions coming to light, the safety of vaccinations are more and more often being called into question. There are many unproven myths that float around, but many of them are not based on fact or have yet to proven.

Some of the more commonly held fears parents have about vaccinating their children include:

Autism and other Disorders

While some parents of autistic children believe that vaccinations have caused their child’s disorder, the connection between vaccinations and autism has yet to be clearly proven. That some children seem to develop signs of autism around the same age that they are typically vaccinated seems to be a coincidence.

Children are more likely to have problems from the disease than from the vaccine. While many diseases have been eliminated in the United States, that does not mean that they have been entirely eradicated and without vaccinations your child and your family are still at risk.

Side Effects

While vaccinations do come with side effects, they are generally mild and often include nothing more than bruising or soreness at the injection site. More serious side effects are usually results of allergies to the preservatives the vaccine is placed in.

Young Child with Multiple Vaccines

Giving children multiple vaccinations at once has not been found to harm or “overload” the immune system in anyway. Introducing new foods and new environments also introduces new germs and bacteria into a child’s system, without doing any harm.

Some vaccines have actually been found to work better when given in conjunction with others.

By giving multiple vaccinations at once, doctors are able to save both themselves and parents time and money. They may also be saving the child from additional trauma.

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