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Coping with divorce is never easy. When the person and partner who once supported you through the difficult times is now pitted against you, it is natural to feel lonely, guilty, or even have a change of heart about whether divorce is the right thing. If you are going through a divorce, there are many professionals you can turn to, to help you cope with and deal with your divorce.

No matter what the circumstances of your divorce are, you will almost certainly need a divorce lawyer who can protect your interests. Some couples use a mediator to decide the terms of their separation agreement and/or their divorce. Even if your divorce is amicable, there may be issues that you and your partner will have difficulty resolving without the help of an objective person.

Psychological counseling may help now too, whether together as a couple to try to save your marriage, if that's still a possibility, or individually. Divorce is a traumatic, highly stressful crisis in anyone's life and the right therapist can be extremely helpful for you and/or your children.

If you're a parent, helping your children through the divorce -- and working out custody, visitation, and support arrangements with your former spouse -- will be among the most difficult parts of this change in your lives. Here's help to make the road a little easier:
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