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As a single parent, it is important to seek out support. Being a single parent unleashes a range of emotions from anger, fear, loneliness to depression and anxiety. To help you cope, make sure you make an effort to get outside of your situation and meet new people and people who may be having or have had, the same experience. You may also wish to explore coping strategies and healthy ways to manage your feelings of loneliness and anger. Support groups and therapists, as well as friends and family can help you find ways to successfully manage your feelings.

For emotional support, therapists and mental health professionals can help you work through the stress of single parenthood. They can also provide family counseling and help your children come to grips with what may be a new situation.

To find out how therapy may benefit you, follow this link: Therapy On The Web: Single Parents. Other resources include:

If you want to help support a friend or loved one who is a single parent, there are things you can do. Offerpractical help, like running errands or taking care of the kids are all great ways to ease a single parent’s burden. You can also let them know you are thinking of them by calling, emailing, or stopping by for a visit. If you are also a single parent, find a way to swap duties or do mutual activities as families.
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