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It's one of the most exclusive Survivors Clubs in the world.  A man who jumped into the Niagara River survived the 167-foot plunge over Horseshoe Falls on Wednesday afternoon.


When the man dove into the freezing river, he was clothed.  When firefighters pulled him out, he was naked.  The unnamed survivor -- in his 30s -- was hospitalized with a head injury and hypothermia.  He spent around 40 minutes in the water.   

"It's amazing that he survived that long," Niagara Falls Fire Chief Lee Smith said. "He was very close to not being able to keep himself afloat anymore."

Only three people have ever survived going over the falls without some kind of protection like a barrell.  In 2003, Kirk Jones of Canton, Michigan did it.  The first was Roger Woodward, who went over the falls at the age of seven after his boat capsized in 1960. He was wearing a life vest.

In 2003, when Kirk Jones went over the Falls, he said he didn't want to live anymore.   "I honestly thought that it wasn't worth going on," he told ABC News. "But I can tell you now after hitting the falls I feel that life is worth living," he said.  Jones went on to join the Toby Tyler circus as the "world's greatest stuntman."

Officials say they recover an average of 20 bodies per year of people who end their lives at Niagara Falls. Since 1901, 16 daredevils have ventured over the Falls.  Eleven have lived to tell the tale.


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