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The following questions are intended to stimulate discussion about The Survivors Club.  They can be used in book clubs or the classroom. 

Please note: We're always interested in your thoughts.  Please let us know which questions stimulate the most interesing discussion.  If you have any suggested questions or topics, please send them to

The Survivors Club:
The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life

1.  How do you define the word “survivor?”  Who is your favorite survivor in this book and why?  Why do you think people are drawn to survivor stories?

2.  What do you think is the most important “human factor” in survival?

3.  How does the navy’s concept of maintaining your point of reference apply to everyday adversity?

4.  How does the navy’s concept of waiting for the violent motion to stop apply to everyday challenges?

5.  Do you agree or disagree with the first rule of The Survivors Club: Everyone is a survivor?  Do you consider yourself to be a survivor or co-survivor?

6.  Do you agree or disagree with the second rule of The Survivors Club: It’s not all relative.  Aren’t some survival challenges greater than others?

7.  Which factors in the Survival Equation do you believe are most important?  Age? Extent of injuries? Belief in God? Family and friends?

8.  How much of life and death do you think we really control?  Do you believe that everything in the life has a scientific explanation or are there some mysteries that will never be solved?

9.  Are you afraid of flying?  Do you think it's a rational or irrational fear?

10.  Why do you think that so many people turn to faith and religion in the most difficult times?  Do you think that religious conviction can be learned?

11.  Can you think of people in your life who are luckier than others?  What distinguishes them from others?

12.  Can you think of people in your life who are more resilient?  What separates them from others?

13.  Which is more important in determining how we handle adversity: your genes or your environment?  Do you think you have the active version of the Resilience Gene?

14.  Do you believe that a person with a positive mental attitude - or a strong will to live - can overcome any challenge, including a serious medical problem?  Do you agree that 80-90 percent of survival is mental?

15. Do you consider yourself to be lucky or unlucky?  What percentage of the events in your life are random?  What percentage do you control?  Do you agree that you can increase the amount of luck in your life?

16.  Have you (or someone you know) experienced post traumatic stress?  Have you (or someone you know) experienced posttraumatic growth?

17.  Do you agree that everyone has what it takes to survive life’s inevitable challenges?  Why are some people better survivors than others?

18.  After taking the Survivor Profiler test, what is your Survivor Type?  Do you feel this accurately describes who you are?  Do you think one type of survivor is better than the rest?

19.  What are your top three Survivor Strengths?  Do you believe that some strengths are better than the others?

20.  After reading this book, have you changed your attitudes or actions?  Do you feel better prepared to survive and thrive in the face of adversity?  Would you recommend this book to others?  Why or why not?