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Editorial Integrity

Our mission is to bring you the most objective, trustworthy, and accurate crisis information on the web. Our daily goal is to ensure that TSC is your most immediate, relevant and dependable source of crisis information.

We are committed to providing information on a wide variety of topics. We rely on you, our user, to choose the information that is most appropriate for you. Be aware, however, that information on TSC or any other web site should not be used as a substitute for professional advice and/or guidance.  You should always consult a professional before acting on any information you find on TSC or any other web site.

Editorial Contacts:

Founder & CEO: Ben Sherwood
Bestselling author of The Survivors Club and award-winning journalist.  Contact Ben at ben.sherwood@abc.com

Interim Editor: Alexander Smith
Alexander is the Editor at The Survivors Club. Contact Alexander at ASmith@TheSurvivorsClub.org

To submit editorial ideas or feedback, please email: editorial@TheSurvivorsClub.org

The following sections detail our content policies and procedures:

Editorial Selection Criteria

TSC develops content based upon the following criteria:

Relevance – Everyone inevitably faces some kind of adversity in life.  TSC’s editorial focus is aimed at topics that are relevant to people in crisis.  We welcome your suggestions on issues that you would like TSC to explore.  Please send your thoughts: Editorial@TheSurvivorsClub.org

Urgency – TSC focuses on urgent, life-changing crises.  While we can’t cover every topic from the start, we plan to expand and explore as many topics as possible.

Newsworthiness – TSC focuses on delivering the latest news and information that is published in legitimate, credible sources.

Editorial Quality

TSC offers you the best information on the Web.  Our writers and editors scour the Internet, looking for the most accurate information and balanced articles.  Our job is to filter through the torrent of content on the Web and bring you the most credible, authoritative guides to each crisis that you may face.

Our writers, editors, advisors and independent reviewers bring a wealth of experience from a variety of old and new media institutions including ABC News, NBC News, National Public Radio, Money magazine, Self magazine, Shape magazine, AOL.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Parenting.com and Intent.com.

Integrity – TSC is committed to making a clear distinction between credible, independent news and information and paid, promotional information and other non-news content.

Independence – TSC is committed to fairness, accuracy, objectivity, and responsible information-gathering, writing and presentation.

Excellence – TSC is committed to reviewing and corroborating information from multiple sources.

Conflict of Interest

Anyone who serves on the TSC team must fully disclose any financial or other interests that he or she may have in any company perceived to have influence on an interest in topics featured on the TSC Site.  Such disclosure must be made to the individual's immediate supervisor at the time of hiring or at the time that the financial or other interest develops. The supervisor will determine whether the interest presents a conflict and, if so, what must be done to eliminate it.

Licensed Content

When TSC licenses content from third-parties for publication on our site, the TSC’s staff reviews the third-party's editorial policies and procedures for consistency with the TSC’s Editorial Policies, including without limitation the conflicts of interest policy. While the TSC Editorial Staff may not review each page of the third-party licensed content, the Editorial Staff does review a representative sample of the content to ensure that the third-party implements the editorial policy and procedures reviewed by TSC and that the content is accurate, timely and relevant.

Sponsored Content and Advertising

In using our site, you will see that some content, buttons, badges and banners are labeled "Sponsored", "From Our Sponsor" or "Advertisement". This content has not been reviewed by the TSC team and is not subject to this Editorial Policy. Content, buttons, badges or banners labeled "Sponsored" or "From Our Sponsor" are subject to the policy governing Our Sponsors. Content, buttons, badges and banners labeled "Advertisement" are subject to our Advertising and Promotions Policy.


Updated: November 2010