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rock climbing on a dangerous overhang

These amazing survivors lived to tell their stories of extraordinary escapes. Read More

mount hood in oregon wilderness lake and trees

A logger in Colorado finds himself in a life or death situation and takes drastic measures to ensure survival. Read More

different paint brushes on white background

Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor paints over 3000 paintings to spread his message of peace. Read More


middle age couple sitting in front of city drop Happy Marriages Increase Heart Disease Survival

Satisfaction and overall happiness of marriages is said to contribute to survival rate amongst heart...

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photo of a victim of sexual assualt Sexual Assault Victim Speaks Out

A teen sexual assault victim demonstrates her courage and strength by speaking out against her attac...

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woman holding book 27 Hours Buried Under 9-11 Rubble

A 9/11 terrorist attack survivor recounts the day 10 years ago that changed her and thanks the man w...

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bolts of lightning striking the ground Double Lightning Strike Survivors, Unscathed

Myth has it that lightning doesn’t strike in the same location twice, but for these survivors i...

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Meredith Israel Battles Stage Four Cancer: 'I Think of Myself as a Warrior' Meredith Israel Battles Stage Four Cancer: 'I Think of Myself as a Warrior'

Meredith Israel, a "cancer warrior" fighting Stage 4 breast cancer, shares her touching story. When she was 25, Meredith Israel found her first lump through a self breast exam. Two biopsies found that both were benign, and so when the lump began to grow a year later, doctors performed a lumpectomy and told Israel she should come back at age 40. It was advice she would not follow.

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Sisters Use Craigslist to Save Dad's Life Sisters Use Craigslist to Save Dad's Life

We are three sisters from New York who had one out of box idea -- to post an ad on Craigslist for a living donor for our father, after he was diagnosed with kidney disease. We were not compatible to donate to him, so we put the word out there to the universe! I am a nurse, my twin sister works in finance on Wall Street and our other sister is a social worker and Columbia alumni. We had used Craigslist for selling our jewelry, advertising, for jobs and for finding childcare ( I'm a single mom). We figured it had worked for everything else so why not for Dad? For a living donor? After a year and 4 months, much publicity and over 100 responses thereafter, an unknown woman from Monterey, California donated her kidney to our father. Today, they are both doing amazing!

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The Survivors Club Book

In tough times, who bounces back and who doesn’t? Who overcomes adversity and who gives up? And perhaps most important: What do survivors and thrivers know about beating the odds that the rest of us don’t? These are the questions that award-winning journalist Ben Sherwood explores in The Survivors Club from Grand Central Publishing.

In search of answers, Ben immersed himself in the world of surviving and thriving.

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Survivors are my personal heroes. Read More

I have survived 8 years of working in NYC restaurants. Not an easy feat. Read More

Each one of us has overcome some form of adversity in our lives -- we are already survivors. Read More

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